All donations, monetary and in-kind, made to OttoTHON have a significant effect on the patients, their families and Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. OttoTHON prides itself in giving 100% percent of our fundraising total directly to the hospital, and creating mutually beneficial relationships with all of our sponsors. Corporate sponsors are an integral part of our organization and a key component to the amount of money donated each year. Join The Movement today, and help make miracles For The Kids at Upstate!

OttoTHON needs the help of local and national sponsors in order to have a successful first year event. Sponsors have the chance to be an integral part of the first Dance Marathon at Syracuse University, a program that is the most successful student-run philanthropy in the United States.

OttoTHON is more than a one-night event - it is a year-long fundraiser and celebration of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Throughout the year, Syracuse students in more than 100 student organizations will attend community events, fundraising nights at local businesses and engage in contests, often via social media, to benefit our sponsors. During the big event in the Spring, our directors, committee members, staff members and dancers will spend 12 hours dancing in one space, offering continuous brand exposure for our sponsors. If your company targets young professionals and enjoys giving back to a wonderful cause, OttoTHON is for you.



Students: Students at Syracuse University

Direct Participants: a large number of active, healthy, motivated, philanthropic, and responsible student leaders who work year-round to carry out Dance Marathon’s mission.

Hospital: Upstate Golisano hospital staff and their patients who receive the benefits from OttoTHON.

Dance Marathon Families: Dance Marathon works to support a tremendous number of families who live in Upstate New York.  

Company name on the Dance Marathon T-Shirts: More than 800 shirts are expected to be printed and worn by Dance Marathon executives, committee members, dancers and volunteers.

Website: Most dancers and hundreds of family members, community members, and parents will visit the OttoTHON website multiple occasions for vital organizational information.

Dancer Recruitment tabling events: These tables that encourage dancer sign-up and participation allows Dance Marathon sponsors to set up promotional marketing, reaching thousands of Syracuse University students, staff and faculty.            


To create a legacy of service, caring and community involvement at Syracuse University 

To foster a relationship between Syracuse University’s organizations and patients and families served by Upstate Golisano Children's Hospitals 

To raise funds and awareness for the patient families served by Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital

Where our money goes

By making a donation to OttoTHON you are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. 

Because Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital, private donations are essential for its continued operation. The need is constant and through our organization, we are going to make sure Syracuse University does everything we can to do our part.  

All of the funds we raise will go directly to Upstate Golisano. This means your gift to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will help make miracles happen for
children living in Upstate New York. 

OttoTHON’s fundraising will pay for:

  • Paying for expenses not covered by insurance

  • Providing support services

  • Helping hospitals purchase important equipment

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